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State institution property management organizations, meat and dairy industry of Minsk Region “Minoblmyasomolprom” is an organization under the authority of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee and serving as the coordination of meat and dairy organizations of the region.

Meat and dairy industry of the Minsk region is represented by 4 milkprocessing organizations with 9 branches  and 4 meat-packing plants.
Their total power of production is:

  • Milk processing – 1670 thousand tons per year;
  • Processing of livestock (live weight) – 140 thousand tons per year.

Modernization of manufacture conducted by enterprises in recent years allows you to expand the product range – hard cheeses, soft and pickled cheeses, cottage cheese products, dairy products, and improve their quality, presentation, increase competitiveness.

Production of main dairy products:

  • Butter – 28,8 thousand tons
  • Cheese – 25,9 thousand tons
  • Whole milk products – 416,1 thousand tons
  • Dry low-fat dairy products – 48,9 thousand tons

Minsk region – one of the most economically developed regions of Belarus. Advantageous geographical location, availability of natural-resource potential are the determining factors in the socio-economic development.
One of the directions of development of processing industry is the development of new resource-saving technologies and introduction of new types of competitive high quality products that can satisfy consumer demand of different segments of the population.
The work of industry professionals is focused on maximizing the potential of enterprise and rational distribution of incoming raw materials. There is introduction of modern scientific achievements of internal and external developments, the development of new types of uses traditional Belarusian recipes. Assortment of produced products is constantly being improved and adjusted by the conjuncture of internal and external markets.
An important point – the expansion of sales in both internal and external markets. Many companies are actively working in this direction.
Goods are supplied in 29 countries. New channels and markets are actively being worked out: countries of Central and South-East Asia, Middle East and Latin America. Companies take part in international fairs.
Business offers of companies is posted on electronic trading platforms, websites export.by, icetrade.by, butb.by, as well as on their own web sites.

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