Managing Company «Meatdairyindustry»

Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Vitebskaya str., 21 a

tel: +375-17-209-48-98, fax: +375-17-209-41-81

For English/German speakers please call +375-17-203-86-55  
General Manager Nekrashevich Sergei +375-17-203-51-54
Deputy General Director for Agriculture and Production Kanashenka Yauheni  +375-17-209-45-71
Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance  Kovalеva Yulia  +375-17-209-48-84
Deputy General Director for Commercial Matters  Basharimov Alexander  +375-17-209-42-55
Chief Accountant  Viarkhouskaya Aksana  +375-17-203-58-50
Head of Production Department Volozgina Tatiana +375-17-203-74-75
Head of Planning and Financial Department Trofimovich Sergei +375-17-203-41-31      +375-17-203-78-67
Head of Dairy Production Department +375-17-209-48-84
Head of Meat Production Department +375-17-203-74-75
Head of Sales and Marketing Department Petrazhytski Sergei +375-17-203-49-13
Head of Law Department   Aleksiyevich Dzmitry  +375-17-209-48-10

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